Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Half a year is officially done

It’s been way too long since my last blog but as usual, time seems to pass me by with no remorse. I can hardly believe that half a year has already slipped by. Thankfully, things have been crazy busy all through my creative spectrum. My articles continue to be published in Custom Garage magazine and as a matter of fact, the next issue is on its way. When it arrives I will be posting my coverage of Ink n Iron Festival 2009 and Coop’s first art show in 3 years, with a special interview. My photos also made the pages and cover of Car Kulture Deluxe July 2009. In June, after one long ass year we had our annual art walk. During that year I kept busy creating a whole new series of paintings. I wish I could say my paintings flew off the wall but they didn’t, nonetheless it was a great night. A small group of my closest friends came over and hung around until about 2am. For those of you who missed the art walk, this Friday I will be participating in a group show at Hue Salon in Huntington Beach. Info: Hue Salon 7821 Edinger Ave. Huntington Beach, Ca July 10, 5-8pm. On the graphic design side of things I just finished up a cool little t-shirt graphic for my Viking brothers The Templars car club. It’s available, I believe through their myspace site. The Templars are a car club based out of Spain. They’ll be throwing “The Hot Rod Tsunami” car show this July, which I believe is Barcelona’s first hot rod car show.
I will have updates to all things mentioned, so if you haven’t already subscribe to my blog and stay tuned.

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