Saturday, September 26, 2009

Helping Out

There will come a point in all our lives when we will have to come face to face with the dreaded “C” word. Having lost three family members to cancer I know the pain families endure. This June I found out an old buddy of mine was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. If you’re not familiar with Hodgkin’s disease, it is a type of Lymphoma cancer that typically spreads from one lymph node to another. If detected in the early stages it is about 90% treatable but percentages are of little comfort when cancer hits so close to home. Treatable or not, receiving such news is devastating.

Like so many others battling a serious illness there is the harsh reality that insurance will only cover so much. Only half way through his chemo treatments, my buddy has received his first medical bill. It made me sick to think that not only is my friend battling this disease, now he has to worry about medical bills? I’m not a rich man by any means but I had to help somehow. After racking my brain I knew the only way I could potentially help my friend is to offer my photography.

I decided that I wanted to offer photographs that were as timeless as friendships. After searching through my archives I decided that my photographs from Bonneville would be the perfect fit. I have chosen 4 photographs that are professionally printed 8x10 on Kodak Endura paper. Each photo is hand numbered and signed and preserved in an acid free poly bag. There is also a special edition set available. The set includes all four photos, professionally printed with a special metallic finish. They will also be hand numbered and signed, as a set. Please help me, help a friend by purchasing one of these timeless photos. Take pride in knowing that for the price of a few hot rod magazines you’ll be helping a young family ease the pain of an extremely difficult battle.

Individual photos: $10.00 ea. + Shipping
Special Edition “Metallic” Set: $50.00 set + Shipping
To place your order please email Alex at
Proceeds will go to the Jason Contreras Cancer Fund

If you would like to make a donation without purchasing a photograph please visit

Times are definitely tough for many, so if you find that donating is not an option then please help by forwarding this blog to friends and family.

Thank you

Alex Maldonado

Note: This is a one man project, orders will take 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Anonymous said...

Alex this is so great what your doing for Jason this will help and will be greatly appreciated everybody needs friends like you thanks to friends and family Jason will get through all of this. Love Jason's mom patty

patty said...

Alex i think this so great what your doing for Jason there should be more people like you you are a good friend this will be greatly appreciated especially at this time and with support from friends and family Jason will get through this. Love Jason's MOM Patty

Alex T77 said...

Thank you, to the very first few who have made a purchase or donations. Lets not stop spreading the word.