Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Motos, photos and everything else

Finally a moment to write. It's been a hectic last few months with the usual laughs and headaches. I don't think I need to elaborate on the headaches, as most of us have them and don't need to be reminded of them. So, lets just skip to all the good stuff. As my blog title states, motos & photos have been keeping my quite busy. A few weeks ago I did a personal photo shoot for one of my latest projects (more details coming soon). The shoot involved photographing a beaut named Rikai with a motorcycle built by my friend Tony Sandoval. It was a near perfect shoot, with the exception of a few equipment malfunctions. I had my wonderful little Brenda B providing her professional hairstyling skills; while Sheila P. helped Rikai glow to her fullest potential by hand painting her flawless make up. Brenda and Sheila are both available for colors, cuts and styles, check em out. Sorry boys n girls Rikai's happily taken.

My next adventure was doing a test shoot for Garage Magazine/West Coast Choppers. If you're not familiar with Garage magazine, it's is lifestyle magazine catering to those who love loud music, pretty things and machines made to go fast. That's about as much as I can share about this one but lets just say they've got a hell of a team at Garage. Big thanks to Red for the opportunity.

My most recent photo shoot was for Jessica Padilla's portfolio. She's another great hairstylist who works side by side with my wife Brenda B. As usual it took a team effort to get these shots. Thanks to Brandon from the Glass House we had a killer location. The back stage set up at the Glass House provided the perfect setting for capturing Cherry's bedroom eyes. That's what Jessica called them. It was a quick shoot but I strongly believe in quality vs quantity. More pix coming soon!
Hair was provided by Jessica Padilla @ Savoier Hair, Model: Cherry, MUA: Patrick Santa Anna

Photographing subjects with a pulse is never easy but when you have a professional team that's easy to work with and knows what they're doing, it's as easy as it gets. Can't wait to see what the next shoot has to offer. If your portfolio needs an update or you're looking for some head shots please email me at transmission77@hotmail.com Big thanks to everyone who's helped out with the latest shoots, couldn't have done it without you.

Hairstylist: Brenda, Jessica and Sheila

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