Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OEAD Artwalk August 2010

This past weekend was one of the bi-monthly Artwalks here at our lofts. This time around I knew I really wanted to display some photography. I had a photo shoot in mind for months but because of my schedule and the schedule of everyone involved it just wasn't happening. Only two weeks before the Artwalk did everything finally come together. Originally the concept was mime inspired but in some ways I feel we missed the mark and truthfully the outcome surpassed the concept. To my advantage I was working with my favorite team, Brenda B. (my wife and hairstylist extraordinaire) and the very talented Rikki. The shoot had its moments of frustration, controlling the light up the hill was a battle. Feeling a little defeated we headed back to the loft and started the studio portion of the shoot. We went through the motions of a wardrobe and hair change for the next look, but it was the final look that changed everything. It was the last 10 minutes of the shoot when Rikki applied some hearts to her make-up and Brenda B simply let Rikki's hair down. Those simple changes rocked the shoot, and in the end I was a bit amazed at the out come. I choose these four images to represent my work at the Artwalk and from peoples response I would say they were quite successful. I myself, being the photographer look at these images and wonder how such emotion was given & captured. I can only hope those who see these images ask the same.

I'd like to run a limited number of individual prints 20"x30", so if you're interested please email me for pricing.

Thanks again Brenda B and Rikki for all your hard work.

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