Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ontario Emporia Arts District - Art Walk

For the last couple of months my neighbor and I worked really hard promoting this past Saturdays Art Walk. Although our efforts paid off to a certain degree, we're still so far from our goal. Its amazing how difficult it is to get people out to the Ontario area. I realize our community is no where near the scale of LA's art walk or even the Pomona's art walk, but you'd think they'd look past that in the name of local art.

OEAD is about as grass roots as it gets. Artists of the lofts all work hard to do what we love, create. Without the support however of the public and city in general, we become a faint memory of what once was. So, put us down on your calendar for the next OEAD Art Walk and come see how the other artists are surviving without the lime light of high skylines and art agents.

Thank you to all the family and friends who have supported our little community. We hope to have your continued support and hope to make every Art Walk better than the last.

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lebec said...

Wow, thank you!! Words well in one another takes tolerance and patients. Looking forward to the future!!