Friday, November 11, 2011

Art From The Asphalt - Art Show

AFTA Sneak Peek

Like any finely (un)tuned machine, sometimes it takes a few kicks to get it started. As was the case for last night's Art From The Asphalt preview night. We were down to the wire as usual but once every nail was hammered and every piece hung the show fused together seamlessly. Even though every artists here has their own unique and distinguishable style there is balance throughout the gallery walls. However, the art was only half of the night's equation. Truly the show would be nothing without the support of family and friends. For this, I thank everyone who came and supported the preview night and I look forward to those who will support us this coming Saturday for the AFTA opening.

Once again, thank you to my friends and family for helping with the show and all the moto enthusiast who help spread the word. Couldn't have done it without you


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