Saturday, August 9, 2008

Killspeed Inc

My latest collaboration comes to me all the way from Brooklyn, NYC. After seeing me in the pages of ‘Kustom Graphics’, Marisol and Jens of Killspeed Inc. dropped me an email about doing some design work. Sometime later I received the call from Marisol and after a long chat the ball was in motion. We bounced around a few concepts and to my surprise they loved them both. In the end I had two designs that we were all insanely happy about. A big part of that was because Marisol wasn’t looking for just another t-shirt design, she was looking for a small piece of art, from me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this, I’ve been hammered in the past about proportions and things like “the wheel looks like it’s bouncing not rolling” WTF??, it’s an illustration! Like Marisol said, “if I wanted something realistic, I’d get clip art”. I thank Marisol and Jen for appreciating my work for what it is, just a fun piece of art.
The T-shirts are on pre-sale at I believe only one design is posted right now but the second one is coming shortly. Help support a couple of artist and buy these puppies up. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re a hot rodder, just wear it because you dig it.


Anonymous said...

I really like the designs you did for KillSpeed. I would totally wear one of the shirts. And you know I normally don't wear hot-rod shirts.

Christian Mejia said...

Right on Alex! You can count me in for a couple. I f'n love these designs! I wish you luck on developing a long relationship with Killspeed. They obviously know good design and illustration when they see it.

Congratulations! said...

Thanks for the support Chris, now BUY ONE!

carchick said...

i'm so glad you're finally getting some recognition outside the walls of SCSS;) rock on brotha, and send me 1 each of both of those (2 in XL and 1 in XXXL or whatever's the biggest - with a bill of course;) for Corey, his dad and his big bro! love, christine.

Anonymous said...

A little bird told me to tell you guys/gals that KillSpeed has new shipment from the Art Work that Alex did for them. Get your Now!