Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Custom Machines magazine

A few months ago, Custom Machines magazine editor in chief Alvaro Cabezas was visiting California to tour the local hot rod and kustom shops. At the top of his list was SO-CAL Speed Shop. My first impression of Alvaro was he’s obviously a down to earth guy passionate about his work. After getting acquainted and giving him a brief tour I cut him loose to photograph and interview the guys around the shop. In the mean time I took a moment to look over his premiere issue of Custom Garage magazine. It covered everything from custom cars to the skaters who love them. The magazine had a great layout with awesome photography to compliment it. I immediately thought this is the kind of car magazine I’d love to contribute to, so I took a gamble. I told Alvaro if he needed a photographer in the states, I was his guy. I could cover all the big shows he obviously couldn’t attend. Much to my surprise he was thrilled at the idea. The first thing that came out of his mouth was ‘that sounds great, I’ll send you my rate sheet’. This was music to my ears, not only do I get to contribute to a magazine from Spain but I also get a little cash for it!
There’s no way of knowing how many stories he’ll pick up but even if it were only one, it would all be worth it. My first gig will be the Iron and Ink festival in Long Beach. I’ve never been but considering The Black Angels along with BRMC will be rocking on stage I figure I can’t go wrong. If that isn’t entertainment enough there will be carnival rides, pin-up pageant, car show and tons of tattoos. Sounds like the perfect place to take the little bambinos.

If you have any info on the festival I’d love to hear about it, if not, maybe I’ll see you there.


Christian Mejia said...

High five Maldonado! High Five!

aileen said...

CONGRATS ALEX! you deserve it!!!!!

Brenda B said...

That's my boo! Woot Woot!