Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mooneyes X-mas Show

I just received my latest issue of Custom Garage Magazine with my coverage on the Mooneyes X-mas Show. To view more photos of the event visit my flickr Mooneyes X-mas
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It’s December and so begins the holiday madness. Everyone is on a manhunt, searching for the perfect gift at the perfect price. It’s also the time to remind yourself not to drink too much at the company Christmas party, because you’ll either end up getting too friendly with a co-worker or telling your boss what you really think about him. Thankfully for gearheads December means a little something else. It means putting the final touches on their ride in hopes of making it to the annual Mooneyes X-mas Party.

Three years ago as I walked the rows of countless custom machines at the Mooneyes X-mas Party I knew the show was going through some serious growing pains. There were hot rods, customs and even motorcycles flooding the surrounding streets because there simply wasn’t enough room in the show. Chico Kodama would have to find a new location to accommodate the growing crowd of participants and spectators. To the surprise of many gearheads and myself, Chico announced he would hold the X-mas party at the Irwindale Speedway! Chico had truly out done himself. Since 2006, the event has been held here at the Irwindale Speedway and let me just say as I walk through the show today I wonder how close he is to reaching the capacity of this venue.

The speedway was filled with hundreds and hundreds of kustom machines. Most of the cars found here are local homebuilt machines, with the exception of a few “high dollar” builds. Whether you call them customs, kustoms, rat rods, low buck, high buck, bobbers, choppers or even VW’s one thing is for sure, there’s something for everyone here. One can spend hours examining the fine details of these highly crafted machines. If I had to mention just one car that stood out, I would have to say it was a gold mid 50’s Ford pick up with green scallops. The color combination was odd but without a doubt, it was refreshing.

Aside from the additional space for all these kustom machines, there’s another benefit to this location. You couldn’t occupy a speedway without doing a little drag racing. Dragsters, muscle cars and of course some very impressive gassers were ready to put their money where their mouths where. While walking through the aisles of vendors and visiting a few booths like Devil Deluxe Clothing and Trophy Queen, you could hear engines roaring down the drag strip as drivers put their skills to the test. There was a short delay when some unfortunate soul smacked his coupe into the guardrail. The driver was okay but I couldn’t say the same for his front end. As usual Mooneyes didn’t disappoint, the show went on without any major incidents and thankfully for everyone the rain gods managed to hold off until the next day.

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Christian Mejia said...

I was overwhelmed with the amount of cars that were in attendance at the show! It was hard to see everything but what I did see was great. Anyone that is a true and die hard fanatic of Hot Rods, Drag Racing and Kustoms owes it to themselves to make it out to Irwindale for this show.

Congrats on another published piece Alex. Your opening shot of Evin's shoebox is fucking amazing!!!! Raise your Stellas!