Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jef Bredemeier - Art exhibit

Jef Bredemeier - Art exhibit
March 19 2008 @ Violet Grace 7021 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, Ca.

I was fortunate to be invited to an art show this past Wednesday by my good friend Christian Mejia. Arriving only an hour and a half late to Violet Grace in Melrose, I was pleased to find a healthy crowd of people and some cool art work. Unlike some art shows, this one was full of welcoming smiles. Ross Resnick of Honest Beverages kept the crowd hydrated with his Honest Teas and Honest Ade beverages (with the optional splash of Vodka) while a young lady who I can only refer to as 40D girl (because I wasn't smart enough to ask her name) kept the crowd on their toes with her shutter assaults. I mobilized my own shutter attack on 40D girl, with great success I might add. You can see my pix on Overall this was my idea of a great show as there was excellent artwork and plenty of people ready to have a chat and a few laughs. Artist Jef Bredemeier even found a minute to introduce himself to my friends and I. Good luck to Jef and I await his next showing.

Jef's myspace -
Violet Grace - 7021 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, Ca.
Honest Beverages -


Christian Mejia said...

Excellent job again Alex. The show was a lot of fun and the people definitely were pleasant. Honest Bevs were great but that will be the last time I indulge in free Vodka. He he he. I love the pictures by the way.

jef said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a good time. There was a lot of effort put into that show and I couldn't have asked for a better turn out. Nothing compliments the artwork better than a bunch of great artists walking around sharing the space and sharing a drink. Cheers mate and thanks for the photographs they look great.

P.S. I'll put in a good word with 40D for ya!

Jef Bredemeier